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Example Outline for Narrative Essay



Opening scene: A individual sitting next to me at a bus is talking loud about his atheist beliefs while I am ashamed different people can listen to
opening background.
thesis. From time to time, the humblest people may be impactful examples which could force us to reconsider our edubirdie reviews.


Placing: where I was going with the bus and what intent, when this happened, what the weather was similar to
characters: description of my interlocutor, complete stranger, using very unremarkable and even slightly unflattering appearance.
Unfolding of activity: how my interlocutor entered the bus and sat next to me personally how he began dialog; how we got from discussing my interests and college subjects to matters like world, free will, and finally, God; how he began reasoning and explaining his position with chilly discussions, loudly and undisturbed by acquaintances; exactly what his concentrated speech and mimics were like; how I responded; exactly how we parted.

Event history

-- here, in america, atheists tend to be viewed worse than members of any religious minority, which could have partly explained my mindset
verdict. Despite his physical appearance and traits, this individual left me considerate for days to come, not due to his disagreements but because of his liberty of pursuing his thoughts.


Restatement of thesis.

Even though my interlocutor was a complete stranger rather than the most pleasant company, he was not reluctant to follow his reasoning wherever it took him without any imaginary self-imposed taboos.
Key lessons: one needs to always remain open-minded and think beyond self-imposed limits; every human may have a useful lesson to educate and such courses can come from strangers at any moment in life.
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