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What is VASA:

The Virginia Ambulatory Surgery Association (VASA) is a not-for-profit organization of ambulatory surgery providers.

VASA is dedicated to pursuing medical, legal, nursing, and patient care issues impacting citizens and ambulatory surgery centers in the State of Virginia.

VASA is a statewide organization which serves as the voice for Virginia’s freestanding ambulatory surgery centers. Our members are dedicated to the provision of high quality, cost-effective care which is sensitive to our patient’s needs.


VASA’s mission is to promote safety and efficiency in ambulatory surgery by:

• Influencing state legislation and regulations which impact ambulatory surgical care

• Working in collaboration with other organizations on local and national issues of    concern to our industry

• Providing benchmarking and educational opportunities for its members

• Fostering and encouraging communication among our members

• And engaging in any activities which may be considered advantageous to ambulatory surgical centers.